How to Save Storage on your iPhone

iPhone storage is a big decision when buying, and if you don’t choose a high storage option, you are going to need these 4 tips on how to save storage on your iPhone. Here they are!

4 Proven ways to Save Storage on your iPhone

1) Clear all your tabs in Safari.
Having many tabs open in Safari takes up space on your iPhone. If you have a lot of tabs open in Safari, consider going through and deleting the non important tabs or deleting all your current open tabs. Here’s how to clear all your tabs in Safari.

2) Offload apps you don’t use often.
Sometimes you don’t delete your useless apps, instead you store them in a folder where you can’t see them. Maybe it’s a useful app so you want to keep it but you don’t use it very often, so you should offload it. Here’s how to offload an app.

3) Save your photos in iCloud.
Photos can take up a lot of storage, whether its pictures, videos or screenshots. If you’re running out of space on your iPhone, consider moving them from your iPhone to iCloud. Here’s how to Save your Photos in iCloud.

4) Delete music you don’t listen to anymore.
Songs can take up a lot of space, depending on if you have a lot of them, or if you have few but long songs. If you don’t listen to some songs, think about deleting them. Here’s how to Delete Music.

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