The NEW iPhone SE

Yesterday, Apple finally announced the long awaited second generation iPhone SE. So I’m here to tell you all the important features and specs, and if you should upgrade if you’re in the market for a new iPhone.

iPhone SE – The Important Changes

4.7” Display (Same as the iPhone 8)
Same body as an iPhone 8
A13 Bionic Chip (Fastest chip in any smartphone)
IP67 Water Resistance
Single 12MP Camera (High quality pictures)
Portrait Mode (Humans only)
4K Vidéo Recording (High quality videos)
7MP Front Camera
Touch ID (Fingerprint Sensor)
Fast Wifi and Cellular Data
Long lasting Battery Life
Wireless Charging
Dual SIM
64GB/128GB/256GB Storage Options
Black/White/Red Colours

Also, all of your old iPhone 7/8 cases will fit on the iPhone SE.

The best way to describe the new iPhone SE is that it has the body of the iPhone 8 with the internals and camera from an iPhone 11 Pro.

This iPhone would be good for anyone who currently has an iPhone 8 or older, and doesn’t want to upgrade to a bigger screen or give up a fingerprint sensor, but wants a faster processor and better battery life.

I hope this helps!

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