Best KeyBoard Shortcuts for Mac

Getting a Mac is a great decision and Apple makes it really easy to learn the basics with their simple software, macOS. But some simple keyboard shortcuts can elevate your experience to a whole new level. So here are some of the best keyboard shortcuts for Mac!

Best KeyBoard Shortcuts for Mac

  1. Command+F: This shortcut will help you find anything (word or phrase) in the page you’re searching, similar to a previous tip.
  2. Command+C: This is the shortcut to copy text or images. You might need to copy down a sentence, so instead of typing it, you highlight it and copy it.
  3. Command+V: This shortcut is to paste what you’ve copied or cut text or an image. After you copy the sentence, go to where you need to place it then paste it.
  4. Command+Space Bar: This shortcut is to pull up spotlight search. When you need to launch an app or file that you just can’t find, you should use spotlight search, then type what you’re looking for.
  5. Command+P: This shortcut is for when you want to print the page you are on, whether it is a website, a file or a Google Doc.
  6. Command+Tab: This shortcut is for when you are using multiple apps on your computer and often need to switch between them. To bring up the menu, you press Command+Tab once, then hold Command and keep pressing Tab to get to the app you’re looking for.

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