My iPhones Issues

Every iPhone that you come across isn’t going to be perfect. Some bugs and glitches but only some phones, and mine is one of them.

My iPhones Issues

Recently my iPhone has been doing some really weird things. Here’s a list:

    I wasn’t able to listen to music with my headphones.
    I couldn’t take photos in the stock camera app.
    I couldn’t make phone calls.
    Siri stopped listening to me.

I ended up going to the Apple Store countless times to see if they could fix my phone and each times they told me to factory reset it and set the iPhone up as a “New Phone”. That means it starts like it is a new iPhone. The drawbacks of that are:

  • Losing your apps.
  • Losing your wallet information.
  • Losing your text messages. You can turn on iCloud messages before this process to receive them on your newly setup iPhone.

I did that once or twice but the issues weren’t resolved so I went back to my old backup once again and the issues were still there.

BUT, thanks to my dad for googling this issue with me, he found a video that fixed all my problems. So for those of you having the same issues, here is how to fix them.

Resolving your iPhones Issues

1) Launch Settings.

2) Go to General.

3) Tap “Accessibility”.

4) Scroll down.

5) In the hearing section, turn off “Phone Noise Cancelling”.

This is the most important step because this will resolve all of those issues you may be having.

6) Live issue free!

Thank you so much to Mike for helping me solve my issues.

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