How to Save your Battery Life

Every day near the end of the day we struggle to save battery life. Using your iPhone as little as possible is one way to save our juice but how do you prevent that? Well, I have some answers!

How to Save your Batter Life

Tip 1) Turn off Background App Refresh.

Turning off Background App Refresh will stop apps from searching for information in the background. For example, your iPhone will stop searching for emails in the background and will only check when you open the app.

Tip 2) Turn off as many App Notifications as you can.

Turning off Notifications for apps that don’t require Notifications is smart because it will prevent the screen from turning on more and draining your battery. It also helps save your cellular data!

Tip 3) Use Low Power Mode and lower the brightness once your iPhone goes under 30%.

Turning on Low Power Mode is good because it shuts down settings on your iPhone that you didn’t even know where there. Those settings do not do anything to affect you when you use your iPhone normally and will not affect you while your iPhone is in Low Power Mode.

Tip 4) Now find a charger as fast as possible!