How to Share the Wifi Password

Sometimes, our friends don’t want us to see their Wifi password, or you just got a new Wifi and the code is really long. Well I’m going to show you how to share the wifi password with anyone that wants to connect to your network.

Tip: Someone must be connected to the network you want to connect to in order for this to work. You must also be on iOS 11 or later.

How to Share the Wifi Password with Someone

1) Launch Settings and tap “Wifi”.

2) Tap the network you want to join. ( In my case I’ll be tapping “Transmission”)

3) Have a friend who is already connected the network nearby because when you tap the network you want to connect to, you will see this and your friend will see this.

4) Your friend will tap “Share Password” and you will see this.

5) Have fun surfing the web on the speedy network!